Game, Set and Match...Every Tennis Lover's Dream! Tennis at Wichita Country Club strives to offer a comprehensive and consistent level of service, facilities and instruction that encourages growth and participation at all levels, meeting the needs of the Members, while providing quality that is maintained at high standards that you come to expect from your Club.

racquets for the whole family 


Pickleball is a large part of the social fabric of Wichita Country Club. A combination of tennis and badminton, Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. This game stresses finesse and strategy over power on a court that is about a fourth the size of a tennis court. Our Club truly is a pickleball paradise with two indoor courts. There are year-round social events, social open play days, lessons, clinics and always someone wanting to play. WCC boasts a drop-in Pickleball group of over 60 enthusiastic members! Levels of play range from novice to advanced.

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