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School of Sport

School of Sport is an all-inclusive educational program for children that not only teaches lifetime sports but truly educates kids on what it takes to grow into young, successful adults. This exciting and educational program for kids 4-17 along with the perfect slip-away for mom and dad from the normal chaos of everyday life. Divided into three sports: golf, tennis and swimming. Start your children at an early age and they are sure to participate in all three sports. Children are grouped by age and have a set routine to rotate each hour from one area of the Club to the next.


The Wichita Country Club Gator swim team focuses on teaching children fundamental swimming techniques.  Swimming can be used throughout a lifetime for muscular strength and endurance as well as cardio-respiratory endurance.  It is truly a “lifetime” sport.  Because some Gators are new and some multi-year swimmers, it is important that the coaches teach to all abilities.  Coach Randy and his assistants strive to keep all swimmers engaged in learning swimming techniques and actively swimming regardless of ability levels. When the Gators are moving the Gators are learning!   Having fun and making summertime memories that will last a lifetime is another one the outcomes that we strive for each season.  Making new friends and seeing old friends at swim practice and during swim meets ensure that our swimmers are having an awesome summer swim team experience each day.




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